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AirTech - Your Septic Tank Solution

Monday 16 January 2012, 2:56PM
By RX Plastics

Designed to meet the needs of farmers and lifestyle property owners, the AirTech Environmental System is a radical departure from traditional septic tanks, and one of the most advanced and efficient waste water treatment systems available in New Zealand.

Property owners who are not on the town sewage system have to consider the various options available for dealing with their household sewage and meeting the requirements of resource consents, especially if they are establishing a new home in the country.

RX Plastics’ AirTech Wastewater Treatment System safely and effectively processes all household sewage and wastewater, recycling it into clear, odourless, nutrient rich water that can be used to irrigate landscaped garden areas, shelterbelts, or wood lots.

Made from lightweight, robust polyethylene plastic, in a unique, rotomoulded spherical design that has been specifically created to withstand ground movement without cracking or leaking, an AirTech sewage treatment tank is ideal for anywhere that is prone to ground movement.

AirTech tanks can be used as pump chambers for new housing developments, making them a valuable tool for developers who need to bring in a new water supply for prospective residents. They can also be added to an existing septic system to provide additional capacity.

AirTech systems and tanks comply with all the necessary standards and are covered by the RX Plastics extended 15 year warranty.

Ashburton-based RX Plastics is known as one of the country’s most innovative polyethylene pipe and rotomoulding manufacturers, with a commitment to research and development that resulted in the introduction of the AirTech range four years ago.