amiria [blog]: help for high school Art students amiria [blog]: help for high school Art students CREDIT: Amiria Robinson

Blogging Art Teacher puts Maternity Leave to good use

Tuesday 17 January 2012, 3:26PM
By Amiria Robinson


Experienced Art teacher Amiria Gale never expected her break from teaching to turn out quite like this. Each night, while her baby sleeps, she logs onto amiria [blog] from her Auckland living room and helps dedicated art students from all around the world. 

Initially created as a way to digitise resources, amiria [blog] has morphed into a site with one primary aim: to help senior high school art students excel. It features:

  • Case Studies: Outstanding student work with analysis, tips and guidance to help students learn from those who have gone before them;
  • A how-to guide for choosing an awesome theme that will impress the markers and keep students motivated for the whole year;
  • Inspirational artists and the process for developing a project using artist models;
  • Tips for making a Painting or Photography project inventive, creative and exciting.


Currently receiving over 500 visitors a day – and growing rapidly – amiria [blog] has become a hive of activity: a thriving community of dedicated high school art students and teachers. It has received over 30,000 visitors since it began in April of last year, most of whom come from New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with significant numbers also from the United States, India and Singapore.


A great resource for NCEA and A Level Art students

Although targeted at CIE IGCSE and A Level Art, amiria [blog] contains many articles that are highly relevant for NCEA students. Highlights include:

  • An award winning Year 13 art project from Singapore;
  • A Year 12 AS Painting project based on traditional Maori instruments that achieved 100%;
  • Inspirational NCEA Level 3 Painting porfolios.


Amiria finds it rewarding that there are so many dedicated and enthusiastic students and teachers who are trawling the internet looking for ways to increase their grades. With a growing YouTube presence, Amiria is excited about the potential for technology to transform the way we teach and learn.

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