New Study Options in Health and Social Practice

Monday 23 January 2012, 2:21PM
By Wintec

For the first time in the Waikato health and social service professionals can access a wider range of postgraduate study options.

Wintec has three new postgraduate programmes starting in February – the Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Social Practice, Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Social Practice and Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision.

Allyson Davys, Wintec’s Centre for Health and Social Practice Director, says: “Our regional health and social service practitioners want access to specialised, field specific knowledge as their careers progress. Until now, this type of training has been unavailable in the Waikato.

“These new postgraduate programmes address our community’s needs and will give graduates the skills required to work in leadership, supervision, research, management and specialist roles in the health and social services sectors.”

“We believe these programmes will enhance and strengthen the delivery of health and social services in the Waikato.”

“One of the qualifications’ selling points is its cross-disciplinary approach which reflects the synergy between health and social services. Students will benefit from this collaborative teaching approach and be able to transfer their knowledge to workplace relationships and networks.”

Marese McGee, Chief Executive of Community Living Trust, says: “An integrated approach to health and wellbeing is essential in our industry. People and organisations need to work together, combining theory and practical knowledge to bring about health and wellbeing for all. The Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Social Practice takes this integrated approach, so it is relevant for all health and social practice professionals.”

All three programmes allow for part-time study. Students will study at Wintec’s Centre for Health and Social Practice alongside a team of New Zealand’s most experienced and respected practitioners, researchers and educators.