MC 10-0424-008 - HMNZS PUKAKI will be berthed at the Port of Napier for the duration of Art Deco Weekend. MC 10-0424-008 - HMNZS PUKAKI will be berthed at the Port of Napier for the duration of Art Deco Weekend. CREDIT: New Zealand Defence Force

Navy Commander "Coming Home" For Art Deco Weekend

Wednesday 15 February 2012, 3:22PM
By New Zealand Defence Force


One of Hawke’s Bay's sons is coming home to Art Deco in Napier this weekend (18-19 February) at the helm of one of the Navy’s newest vessels.

Former Onekawa Primary School student, Lieutenant Kane Sutherland, is now the Commanding Officer of HMNZS PUKAKI, which arrives at the Port of Napier at 1000 on Thursday, 16 February.

Lieutenant Sutherland is excited about returning to the area where he grew up.

“It will be a proud moment to sail HMNZS PUKAKI in to the Port of Napier,” he says. “There are other crew members onboard from the area too, so we are pleased to be able to support the celebrations.”

The Maritime Component Commander, Commodore John Martin, the senior naval officer in attendance, says Art Deco weekend is a reminder of the Navy’s commitment to the Napier district and people of New Zealand.

“This is a time to not only celebrate the unique Napier skyline, but also to reflect on the event that gave Napier its Art Deco architecture. The devastation of 1931 is not forgotten and the support provided to the stricken city by the Royal New Zealand Navy is a proud part of our history.

“Recent experience reminds us now, more than ever, that the Navy is always ready to respond. It was this time last year that HMNZS CANTERBURY participated in Art Deco celebrations, only to find herself weeks later in a similar situation to that of HMS VERONICA, providing support to the Canterbury region following the devastating February Earthquake.”

In addition to HMNZS PUKAKI, the Navy Band will also be on prominent display, with public performances on Saturday and Sunday (details attached). This will include performances with all 26 band members parading through the streets.

WHAT: Navy Support to Art Deco (HMNZS PUKAKI, RNZN Band)

WHEN: Friday 17– Sunday 19 February 2012

WHERE: Napier