Energy savings underway at The Dowse

Thursday 16 February 2012, 12:41PM
By Hutt City Council


The Dowse Art Museum has teamed up with a local energy reduction company, Ecosystems, to reduce its energy use by 15 per cent.

The initiative is part of The Dowse’s commitment to embracing green technologies and adopting a leadership role in sustainable business and art practices.

The energy savings will be achieved by refining the organisation’s building management system and incorporating more efficient methods of heating, cooling and lighting.

“We are committed to finding ways of improving The Dowse’s impact on the environment,“ says Dowse Director Cam McCracken.

“It’s great to be working with Ecosystems to achieve our goal of 15 per cent energy reduction and we’ve already begun identifying the changes that will need to be made."

As well as reducing The Dowse’s impact on the environment, the more efficient systems will also save the organisation money.

The cost of any changes needed to reduce energy consumption will be offset by future energy savings and a contribution from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Ecosystems has been helping New Zealand workplaces to save energy and reduce their environmental impact for many years. For more information visit