Oamaru - Police Appeal for Help with Thefts of Heavy and Light Motor Vehicles

Tuesday 28 February 2012, 12:36PM
By New Zealand Police


Oamaru Police are currently investigating a spate of thefts of light and heavy vehicles in and around North Otago and South Canterbury, and calling for assistance from the transport sector to help solve the crime.
Over a period of roughly three weeks, between 1 and 20 February, six heavy motor vehicles and seven light vehicles have been taken from transport yards or rural and semi-rural properties in the area.
Detective Sergeant Dan Keno believes the thefts are linked.

"The theft of these types of vehicles is rare. It's occurring overnight between midnight and 7am, and not occurring on any particular days of the week," Detective Sgt Keno said.

Vehicles with keys left in the ignition or left somewhere in the vehicle are being targeted.

"Police appeal to all drivers who travel overnight on the roads in and around North Otago and South Canterbury overnight to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or heavy or light vehicles being driven in a poor manner," Detective Keno said.

He asks people driving overnight in North Otago or South Canterbury to report:

Any HMV being driven poorly, for example with crunching gears, erratic driving or curb-hopping corners with trailer wheels.

Report any HMV that doesn't appear to be in the right place at the right time ie fertilizer spreaders travelling in the middle of the night, builder's trucks traveling at night and farmer's trucks travelling at night.

People who see something suspicious can report this to police by dialing 111. If they have information about the thefts they would like to report anonymously, they can do by calling Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.