Cool the Burn with new limited edition Doritos 'Burn' and Pepsi Max 'Ceasefire Lime'

Friday 2 March 2012, 7:50AM
By Beat

Doritos and Pepsi Max have come together to create the ultimate fire and ice combo designed to test the endurance of even the most tolerable taste buds. It’s time to open fire with Doritos ‘Burn’, a fiery and delicious chilli seasoning, warming you up perfectly for a Pepsi Max ‘Ceasefire Lime’ recovery.

The exciting combination is designed to shock and sooth – the perfect mix of tempting heat and calming cool. Doritos ‘Burn’ corn chips will send heat levels through the roof with their super-hot flavour, only to be extinguished with the cool sensation of Pepsi Max ‘Ceasefire Lime’ – a flavour developed specifically to put out the Doritos ‘Burn’ fire.

The limited edition flavours have been designed by Doritos and Pepsi Max to work together, and is the first true FMCG joint venture of its kind. It’s also the first time in its history that Pepsi Max has created a new flavour in New Zealand.

Just like a Hollywood marriage, this union of flavours will only be together for a limited time. So it’s time to man up for the collision of the extremes – are you up for the challenge?!