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Condolences for fallen New South Wales Police officer
Saturday 3 March 2012, 12:59PM
By New Zealand Police


Commissioner Peter Marshall has sent his condolences to the New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione following the fatal shooting of a highway patrol officer in Tamworth this morning.

Senior Constable David Rixon, 40, was shot a number of times and died a short time later.

"I have contacted Commissioner Scipione on behalf of New Zealand Police to express our shock and sadness at this tragedy.

"Policing is often described as "family" and we have close bonds with our Australian colleagues.

"The loss of an officer in such circumstances will be keenly felt amongst Police staff on this side of the Tasman.

"We are particularly mindful of the invaluable assistance we received from New South Wales and the other Australian police jurisdictions in the aftermath of the February 22 earthquake last year.

"Our thoughts are with Senior Constable Rixon's family and colleagues at this difficult time." Commissioner Marshall said. INDEX