New look 'Script' magazine releases first online issue

Friday 9 March 2012, 4:28PM


Script Magazine, once In Unison magazine, is excited to release its first online issue on Monday.

The issue is packed full with photos and videos from Unitec's two first weeks of semester and captures all the fun of Orientation, embracing the new technology that an online magazine allows, to interact with its reader. 

Features include a music video made by students who attended Unitec Presents Lipton Ice Tea Sounds in the Sun, the highlight of the Unitec Orientation calendar, First Day Back interviews with students and a huge amount of photos.  All photos hyperlink to facebook where students will be able to interact by 'tagging' themselves.

Script magazine came about as the new student magazine at Unitec after a 'fresh' look at student media was required. The magazine endeavours to be entirely created by, and focused on Unitec students.  

Publications Editor Ashley Smith says "The focus is more about moving towards student to student communication, and student media is there to provide that platform.  The days of student magazines being the toy of the Editor are long gone at Unitec, and I'm excited that Unitec students will be taking the direction of the mag into their own hands".

The newly developed Student Media Blog ( demonstrates this initiative and integrates with the Students at Unitec facebook page and Twitter site.