Persons Rescued from Rocks following Sinking/Stranding south of Raglan

Saturday 17 March 2012, 12:45PM

By New Zealand Police



Two adults and two children were rescued from rocks at Manu Bay, south of Raglan late this morning after their boat sank off Manu Bay at about 8.00pm last night.

After spending the night on the rocks they were able to signal a passing vessel and one of the party swam out through surf and was taken to shore to raise the alarm.

The rescue was undertaken by surf club boats and Raglan Harbour Rescue. The group have been returned to Raglan wharf where they are being checked by ambulance staff.

Police held a co-ordinating role and have no details of those rescued or the circumstances surrounding the sinking. Any further information will have to be obtained through Ambulance, Raglan harbour rescue and surf club.