Mount Cook ATR fleet - Update 5

Monday 19 March 2012, 6:44PM
By Air New Zealand

Mount Cook Airline says it expects to be able to accommodate around 97% of passengers booked to travel tomorrow as more aircraft become operational following its full fleet inspection.

"As a result of more aircraft re-entering service we will be able to get nearly all of our passengers to their destination, albeit there will be changes to the timing of some flights," says Mount Cook Airline General Manager Sarah Williamson.

Five ATR aircraft will be operational by the end of tomorrow, with a further two expected to be back in service by Thursday. Mount Cook will also have the support of additional Air New Zealand aircraft to operate some of its sectors.

Ms Williamson says three ATR aircraft have been confirmed as requiring work which is expected to be completed by Sunday. One aircraft remains in the hangar for pre-planned maintenance.

Customers who are booked to fly should visit www.airnewzealand.co.nz to check their flight status, or call the contact centre on 0800 737 000. Extra staff are working to assist customers calling in. Flight numbers for Mount Cook begin with the number 5 - e.g. NZ5XXX.

"I would like to thank Mount Cook customers for their patience and understanding," says Ms Williamson.

"We would like to assure them that we are working as quickly and thoroughly as we can to get our aircraft back flying. The safety of our customers, our staff and our aircraft is paramount and non-negotiable for Mount Cook and Air New Zealand."