Crusade for Cyber Safety Crusade for Cyber Safety CREDIT: WebSafety NZ

Crusade for Cyber Safety

Tuesday 3 April 2012, 4:31PM
By WebSafety NZ


Christchurch based business WebSafety NZ are keeping children safer online and helping parents understand and manage internet technology at home.

Owner Dean Stewart says they have been kept busy presenting a 1 hour internet safety presentation to parents and a 30 minute presentation to children throughout schools across the greater Christchurch area.

Schools will often book the student presentation followed by the parent presentation, so the same message is delivered to students and parents.

“We cater to parents of children from senior primary school upward, in two different presentations, and likewise for students”, Stewart says.

“Protecting the vulnerable from being taken advantage of online is our passion”

The internet safety presentations provide information on latest technology, highlight the concerns children are faced with and solutions parents can implement at home.

Stewart has a technical background in IT, with over 27 years in the industry. “Protecting the vulnerable from being taken advantage of online is our passion” says Stewart.

Parents are often surprised with the amount of information they did not know.

Stewart uses a lot of imagery in his presentations. His audience are drawn to his enthusiasm, as he delivers latest statistics that often surprise those attending. Two things stand out: how much he knows, and how little parents knew.

He explains that there are too many horror stories out there, and has made it his crusade to make both parents and children aware of protecting themselves online.

The business also installs monitoring and filtering software on home computers.

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