Leading foreign language school expands into Wellington

Thursday 12 April 2012, 2:08PM
By Euroasia NZ


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Press Release: Euroasia

New Zealand’s leading provider of European and Asian language and cultural services is opening a branch in Wellington CBD this month. Courses are delivered in conjunction with Wellington partner English Teaching College (ETC), which has been operating in Wellington since 1993.  The manager of the school in Wellington is veteran language professional Marty Pilott.

Euroasia Director Kenneth Leong says: "Over 200 Wellingtonians have expressed interest in signing up for our courses in the last 12 months. We believe our range of offerings would appeal to the Wellington market.”

Mr. Leong describes Euroasia's mission: "We are in the business of connecting people across cultures. Euroasia has a role in promoting greater cross-cultural understanding as New Zealand becomes more culturally diverse."

"Language skills aid in bridging the cultural divide as globalisation means people of different cultures will increasingly work and play together."

Although there are other organisations offering foreign language teaching, a few things about Euroasia make it a little different:

• Specialisation in European and Asian languages other than English (including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese etc)

• Teachers are native speakers, and offer interesting cultural input

• Specially designed curriculum taking into account unique requirements of New Zealanders

• Each course is designed in consultation with the students to meet their needs

Euroasia's foreign language classes have been attended by over 3,000 New Zealanders in the past 5 years. Euroasia courses in Auckland and Wellington are available through evening classes, in-company tuition or online learning. Cross-cultural consulting and translation services are also offered. Euroasia’s clients include many of New Zealand’s leading corporate and government organisations.

Mr Leong further adds: "New Zealanders' interest in foreign languages and cultures continue to grow unabated," said Mr. Leong. "More New Zealanders are traveling and doing business overseas; this is translating into higher levels of business for Euroasia".