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New Magnum Infinity takes chocolate pleasure to another dimension

Monday 23 April 2012, 5:35PM
By Spark Activate

Extending the chocolate pleasure experience has gone from fantasy to reality with the launch of new Magnum Infinity, an ice cream that provides intense chocolate pleasure for longer.

The heightened pleasure experience comes from a rare Tanzanian cocoa containing a high concentration of theobromine, a phytochemical known to have a mild, stimulating effect. Magnum Infinity cocoa helps to increase feelings of well-being and in addition the perception of longer lasting pleasure.  
“Theobromine is a compound closely related to caffeine, however unlike caffeine, theobromine can have a relaxing effect, which helps to produce that mood-enhancing feeling,” said Dr. Vera Matz; Technical Advisor for Magnum.

“Naturally occurring in all cocoa beans, Tanzanian cocoa contains higher concentration levels of theobromine, the same cocoa found in the new Magnum Infinity,” added Dr. Matz.

To create an ice cream that provides such a pleasure high, the Magnum discovery team sourced the rare Tanzanian cocoa while scientists worked to create the perfect chocolate-and-ice-cream formula.

The result is new Magnum Infinity, available in two indulgent flavours, Chocolate and Caramel (100ml) and Chocolate (60ml), both flavours are a combination of irresistible chocolate ice cream, covered in dark cracking chocolate and real cocoa nibs. The Chocolate and Caramel variety contains a ‘bonus’ caramel swirl throughout the chocolate ice cream, helping to balance the chocolate intensity.

Entering a new realm of pleasure, Magnum Infinity is arguably the most pleasure-packed ice cream experience imaginable.

Notes to Editors
The cocoa in Magnum Infinity is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and is available in two irresistible flavours – Chocolate and Chocolate and Caramel – and in two formats – 100ml (Classic size) and 60ml (Mini size).

Magnum Infinity Chocolate and Caramel is a combination of chocolate ice cream with caramel swirls, covered in dark chocolate and real with cocoa nibs.

Magnum Infinity Mini Chocolate features dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirls, covered in dark chocolate and real cocoa nibs.

Magnum Infinity is available in major retail outlets across New Zealand.

Standard RRP: $3.30 Magnum 100ml; $9.79 FOR 4-pack 100ml; and $9.79 F0R 6-pack 60ml