Fuel depot reopening victory for people south of Lyttleton

Thursday 3 May 2012, 11:47AM
By Federated Farmers of New Zealand


Federated Farmers has joined CRT in welcoming Chevron New Zealand’s decision to re-open its Timaru Storage Terminal.  From the third quarter of 2012, an additional 20 million litres of fuel storage will be available in the lower South Island.

“Persuading Chevron to reopen its tanks was a community effort,” says Dr William Rolleston, Federated Farmers South Canterbury provincial president.

“It involved Federated Farmers, Aoraki Development Business and Tourism, the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Timaru District Council and our local MP, Jo Goodhew.   It also involved local businesses like CRT.

“We believe acting through our biggest rural fuel supplier, CRT, was pivotal in persuading Chevron to change its mind.

“This is truly a case of consumer power and Federated Farmers genuinely thanks CRT for working with us. The community worked together for greater fuel security and that benefits everyone south of Lyttleton.

“By reopening the Timaru Storage Terminal it means 20 million litres of added fuel storage will be available going into winter.  It should also reduce the number of fuel shortages we’ve faced in the past.

“Often when things close they have a habit of becoming permanent.  Chevron deserves recognition for positively responding to reasoned and logical argument.  We know they see the lower South Island and the rural communities here as being important to their business.

“Both Federated Farmers and CRT appreciate the commitment Chevron has made in moving to reopen its Timaru Storage Terminal,” Dr Rolleston concluded.