Labour delivers Kiwis' views on pokies deal to Key

Wednesday 9 May 2012, 11:55AM

By Labour Party


Labour has today delivered to John Key almost 1000 submissions from New Zealanders expressing their strong opposition to his deal with Sky City which would allow it to put more pokies in its casino in return for a convention centre, says Labour Leader David Shearer.

“Labour is continuing to receive submissions to its website ‘Show us your cards, John’. The overwhelming majority are against the dodgy deal.

“Polls show that Kiwis are strongly opposed to any deal that will lead to more pokies and cause more harm to New Zealand families. John Key is refusing to accept those concerns. He thinks it is okay to sell our legislation to Sky City in return for a convention centre.

“Maybe he would think twice if he just read some of the submissions.

“Tracy from Dunedin says ‘New Zealand has enough social problems without National directly adding to them by allowing Sky City to have more pokie machines’.

“Raiha says the only winners in the deal are the shareholders of Sky City and Andrew from Christchurch says the deal is ‘not Kiwi’.

“Kevin, an Aucklander, says the Government is ‘bribing Sky City with the offer of changing the law so they can get more pokies if they ‘show you the money’ and stump up for the convention centre’.

“John Key may not want to listen to Labour. But he should listen to the people of New Zealand. They have spoken loud and clear and their message is that our legislation is not for sale,” said David Shearer.