Declaration of result of Maori representation poll

Monday 21 May 2012, 4:35PM
By Wairoa District Council


I declare the result of the Wairoa District Council Maori Representation Poll held on Saturday 19 May 2012 to be as follows:

Option                                                                       Votes received
FOR the establishment of Maori Wards                   1,210
AGAINST the establishment of Maori Wards           1,306

Informal 0                        Blank 4

There was a 47.3% voting return.

Maori Wards will therefore not be introduced for at least the next two triennial elections (2013 and 2016) of the Wairoa District Council.

Dated at Wairoa, 21 May 2012


James Baty
Electoral Officer
Wairoa District Council