Modern and accessible courts services a priority

Friday 25 May 2012, 3:01AM
By Chester Borrows

The Government is modernising the court system to improve the way it works for all New Zealanders, Courts Minister Chester Borrows says.

“This Government is committed to a modern and accessible justice system as part of our wider drive for better public services,” he says. “For the courts, this means delivering the services people demand, while also being responsible with taxpayers’ dollars.”

The Justice Ministry is implementing a number of initiatives to transform the way courts and tribunal services are delivered.

They include increasing the availability of technology to deliver better, more efficient court services, and streamlining processes by implementing legislative change such as the Criminal Procedure Act.

“By innovating and adopting new technology, we are finding better ways of doing things, while maintaining and improving the services people receive.

“It means people affected by crime and those accessing civil courts will be able to get on with their lives sooner, while at the same time taxpayers can have confidence they’re getting value for money from New Zealand’s courts,” Mr Borrows says.