Next generation of ASB Mobile brings cashless society one step closer

Monday 28 May 2012, 9:17AM

Customer feedback drives enhancements as New Zealand's most popular banking app passes 100,000 downloads

ASB is set to transform the way New Zealanders send and receive money with the launch today of a major upgrade to its popular mobile banking app. ASB Mobile uses the latest innovations in banking technology to allow customers to make payments from their smartphone in seconds using mobile telephone numbers and email addresses instead of a bank account number. With the launch of the upgrade, ASB becomes the first New Zealand bank to offer mobile and email payments on both Android and Apple smartphones.

Over the course of the development processes, ASB talked extensively to customers and tested a number of new concepts and features in order to provide the best possible user experience.

"ASB's Mobile App provides a solution that puts banking straight into our customers' hands, giving them greater control of their money, plus faster and more convenient ways to pay," says ASB's General Manager Brand Experience & Digital Channels, Anna Curzon. "Our vision in pioneering these new technologies and experiences for our customers is that they should feel that they are carrying their bank in their hand, wherever they are."

According to Ms Curzon, the launch represents a significant development in New Zealand's mobile banking market which has seen an explosion in the pace of adoption among consumers. "New Zealanders are embracing mobile banking in unprecedented numbers and we recently marked the milestone of 100,000 downloads of our original mobile banking app," she says. "In its first year alone, the volume of transactions done through ASB's mobile banking was more than four times the number that took place in the first year of internet banking. It's clear that New Zealanders' willingness to embrace mobile technology will see them increasingly rely on their smartphones for day-to-day transacting, thereby reducing the reliance on traditional payment methods such as cash, bank transfers and cards."

"The pace of technology change and adoption is such that we are approaching a point where a customer can access a comprehensive range of banking services at their fingertips, without ever having to enter a branch. This includes seamless peer-to-peer (P2P) payments to friends, contacts and tradespeople through a variety different channels," says Ms Curzon.

As well as enabling fast, simple and secure mobile payments, ASB Mobile also allows customers to check and transfer money between their accounts. Other innovative features include 'Quick Balance', an option which allows customers to view a pre-selected account balance immediately without logging in. And the login process itself is even faster via a 5-digit PIN rather than a user name and password. The app also features a handy ATM and branch locator along with easy functionality for transfers, bill payments and one-off payments.

Security is always a top priority for ASB and ASB Mobile uses the latest in encryption technology to minimise security threats such as malware, phishing and hacking. The app is authorised to be used on only one handset and no personal banking information is stored on the phone. Receivers of payments are also protected with all un-retrieved funds being credited to the payer after 14 days.

The upgraded ASB Mobile is available on Apple and Android smartphones with a dedicated iPad version scheduled for launch later this year.