Two bodies located

Monday 28 May 2012, 9:57PM
By New Zealand Police


The investigation in relation to the two bodies located in a remote forestry block behind Waimate, continues to build today.

Seven detectives arrived this morning from Christchurch. The investigation is now being headed by Detective Inspector Williams.

The bodies remained in situ over night. ESR staff arrived this morning and work has commenced at the scene. At this stage we are hoping to remove both bodies from the scene later this afternoon. It is likely the post mortems will commence tomorrow.

To date neither body has been identified but we are following some good lines of enquiry in respect of both.

One of the aspects of the investigation that we are focusing on today relates to a local male by the name of Jason FRANDI. He was reported missing yesterday after last being seen parked at his home address at around 11.00 am on Saturday. The vehicle is a 1997 328i series BMW saloon, coloured silver, Registration No. ATT530.

Anyone who has seen or had contact with Mr FRANDI or his vehicle post 11.00 am on Saturday, should ring the Waimate Police Station, 03 689 7272.

FRANDI is a male caucasian, aged 43 years, No. 1 shaven haircut, solid build, extensive tattoos on arms and backs of both hands.

A helicopter and search staff have been deployed into the area where the bodies were located, principally for the purpose of locating a vehicle that must have been used.

Police are also following a positive line in respect of the female victim but I am not in a position to comment further on this at this stage.

Media Liaison Officer, Grant OGILIVY arrives this afternoon.

I intend running a conference at Waimate at 5.15 pm and should have more to release then.