Porirua Police welcome LLA decision regarding Cannons Creek liquor store

Tuesday 29 May 2012, 5:22PM
By New Zealand Police


Porirua Police have welcomed the decision by the Liquor Licensing Authority to place conditions on the opening hours of a Cannons Creek liquor store.

A two day hearing was held at the beginning of May in relation to two applications from Fantame Liquor Store, now known as Thirsty Liquor Porirua, for a renewal of an off-licence and a General Manager's certificate.

Senior Sergeant Steve Sargent says the decision recently released has been welcomed by Police, and reflects the views of the Cannons Creek community, including Russell School and residents, along with Regional Public Health, Porirua City Council and ALAC.

"The LLA has renewed the off-license upon condition that liquor may be sold at the bottle store, except between 2:45pm and 3:15pm on weekdays when nearby Russell School is open. This decision protects school children travelling to and from their homes after school."

The off-license has been granted for a period of 21 months from August 2011 and the owner's General Manager's certificate for 19 months from October 2011.

In the LLA decision stated: 'The area around the bottle store is littered with broken bottles and glass and other unmentionable objects....the presence of the bottle store was an anathema to people trying to improve the lot of those living in Cannons Creek and Porirua East...... it was significant that when the bottle store opened rubbish, violence, domestic arguments and money problems got worse. '

Steve Sargent says, "The Cannons Creek community is committed to making their neighbourhood a safer place to live in. This is a great example of residents working in conjunction with Police and our partner agencies to reduce the harm caused by alcohol."