NZ Womens Black Sticks enjoy Symbio after training. NZ Womens Black Sticks enjoy Symbio after training. CREDIT: Mango Communications
Symbio Probalance logo Symbio Probalance logo CREDIT: Mango Communications
Symbio Probalance pack Symbio Probalance pack CREDIT: Mango Communications

Black Sticks find big moment easier to digest with support from Symbio™ Probalance

Tuesday 29 May 2012, 6:55PM
By Mango Communications

The New Zealand women’s hockey team is finding the prospect of being on the world stage a lot easier to digest thanks to support from, Symbio™ ProBalance yoghurt.

In the lead up to the world’s biggest sporting event this year, the Black Sticks women’s team has been taking the Symbio™ challenge and are enjoying the benefits of good digestive health, giving them more energy so they feel and perform at their best.

Symbio™ Probalance yoghurt contains DR10, a probiotic culture developed in New Zealand by Fonterra that is scientifically proven to restore digestive balance, helping you feel better from the inside out!

NZ Women’s Hockey nutritionist Christel Dunshea –Mooij explains, “Probiotics can be beneficial both in terms of maintaining good digestive health and protecting against certain illnesses.

“In addition to this, Probiotics like DR10 help to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal illness during stressful periods of intense training, competition and travel, all of which apply to our women’s hockey team.”

The Black Sticks women’s team left New Zealand on Saturday to play against teams from China and Korea. The team will return to New Zealand before taking on the best teams from Europe in July and following that, the rest of the world.

Made by Fonterra Brands New Zealand, Symbio™ Probalance is available in an enticing array of flavours including Mixed Berry, Passionfruit, Natural and Vanilla Bean and can be found at all leading supermarkets.

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