BNZ makes contact with contactless payments

Tuesday 5 June 2012, 2:14PM

BNZ has introduced a new dual-interface chip card which gives customers the ability to make contactless payments, while still able to make payments the traditional way.

All new or re-issued Flexi Debit Visa cards will now have the Wave and Go technology built in, a first for any BNZ card.

BNZ Director – Retail, Andy Symons says this is a positive step in improving the way New Zealand can make electronic transactions.

“We’re ensuring our customers have access to the best and most up-to-date payment options, with Flexi Debit Visa’s Wave and Go technology making it more convenient for quick transactions. This new form of contactless payment joins our popular mobile banking apps, and adds to the emphasis BNZ is placing on pragmatic customer driven innovation and technology that adds value to our customers’ lives.”

Visa New Zealand Country Manager, Sean Preston, is confident that the popularity of Visa payWave will continue to grow.

“Contactless payment technology allows cardholders to simply wave their Visa payWave-enabled cards over a contactless acceptance terminal, which reads the information securely and provides transaction approval. It’s been designed to reduce queues, speed up transaction times and provide shoppers with an easier way to pay – and I think it’ll have a major impact on the way shoppers view the payment process from here on and into the future.”

With BNZ’s world-leading LEN secure technology, and the Bank’s Zero Fraud Liability Guarantee, which states that customers who take reasonable steps to protect their card are safe from financial loss, BNZ’s Flexi Debit Visa is a safe and secure payment option.

BNZ has more than five years experience with contactless payment cards, through working with its parent NAB (National Australia Bank).

The new cards will allow contactless purchases wherever the contactless symbol is displayed.  Any contactless purchases in New Zealand over $80 require a PIN to be entered.