Caution urged as winter conditions approach on Canterbury roads

Tuesday 5 June 2012, 3:49PM
By New Zealand Police


Canterbury Police are advising drivers to assess their local conditions if forecast snow arrives in the next day or two.

Inspector Al Stewart, Canterbury Road Policing Manager, says all road users should check local road conditions prior to travelling.

"If conditions appear difficult, drivers should think about looking for alternative transport, or consider delaying any non-essential travel where possible," he says.

"During last year's snow and ice, most people took these messages on board and adjusted their driving to the conditions, or stayed off the roads, which resulted in a lower than average crash rate.

"This was a great result, and we are hoping to see the same responsible driving behaviour this winter."

Inspector Stewart says drivers should also be wary of ice hazards which may follow in the wake of snow.

"Drivers need to be aware that while the snow will be a clearly visible hazard, there may be large areas of ice on the roads later that they will not be able to see - especially in rural and shaded areas."

Police are urging road users that do drive, to drive to the conditions. "Slow down, extend your following distances and get to where you are going safely," Inspector Stewart says.