Four Kiwis to Join Property Investment Co to Build Houses in Nepal

Thursday 14 June 2012, 4:14PM
By Propellor Property Investments

Media Release, Propellor Property Investments, Christchurch, New Zealand, June 16, 2012: Property Investment company, Propellor, joins forces with Habitat for Humanity to send four  people to Nepal to build housing for families in need.

Not many would expect a property investment company to contribute to the wellbeing of others around the world, but Propellor Property Investments, a Christchurch and Auckland-based business, has taken the initiative with Habitat for Humanity to send four New Zealanders across the world to Nepal.

Habitat for Humanity is a not-for-profit Christian organisation that works in partnership with people of goodwill and families in need of housing, to eliminate substandard housing by building, renovating and selling simple, decent houses on an affordable basis.

Nikki Connors, Principal at Propellor Property Investments, explains “Community is a vital part of the Propellor philosophy, culture and how we deal with our clients. Contributing to our community, locally, outside of our organisation, and internationally in places like Nepal, is just something we see as our responsibility. And that’s why we are excited about working with Habitat For Humanity to make this happen.”

Propellor is paying for four kiwis to travel to an overseas location every year on a Global Village trip to aid in the building of homes, at a cost of $5,101 per person. This follows the successful trip to Everest in 2010, where volunteers built environmentally-friendly bamboo houses. This year the Propellor team will be going to Nepal, where the experience will be captured on video, and shared with Propellor clients and the community.

“Our commitment is to put a donation from every sale of investment property into the fund to take clients away every year for this experience of a lifetime. Eventually we want to send up to six people a year,” says Connors.

The trip to Nepal will be from the 7 - 13 October and the Propellor participants will join 150 other volunteers to build 40 homes. This particular trip is a celebration of the 15,000 homes already built for families in Nepal, and marks a landmark on the way to assisting 100,000 families to have proper homes by 2016.

David Lawson, Marketing Manager at Habitat for Humanity, has been involved with Habitat for the last three years and sees it as a “vehicle for everyday people to put roots down in communities.”
Lawson says that a home is like a pot of soil. “A tree in a pot of soil can grow roots, gets support, and is nurtured by its environment. A home is like a pot of soil, but for people. Anything can happen in a safe warm home. Instead of getting sick or injured, people blossom and flourish in their own home.”

“The involvement of Propellor Property Investments integrates well with Habitat’s vision for a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Propellor is doing that in a local setting and making a difference in Nepal by initiating this project.” Lawson says.

People interested in being considered for this trip should visit the Propellor Property Investments website at

To be eligible, Propellor Property Investment’s clients need to register their interest. The final team will be drawn in July, 2012 and notified by email and/or phone.

Next year’s trip (2013), paid for by Propellor Property Investments, is likely to be to Cambodia, Vietnam or China.

Connors suggested Propellor is also looking for opportunities to contribute locally in Christchurch and will be making an announcement around that shortly.


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Videos from October 2010 Trip to Nepal:

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