Sebastien Loeb Sebastien Loeb CREDIT: The PR Shop
Sebastien Loeb holds Brother Cup next to Emma Crossett from Brother NZ. Sebastien Loeb holds Brother Cup next to Emma Crossett from Brother NZ. CREDIT: The PR Shop
Ramona Karlsson Ramona Karlsson CREDIT: The PR Shop
Haydon Paddon Haydon Paddon CREDIT: The PR Shop
Auckland Blues Auckland Blues CREDIT: The PR Shop
Auckland Blues Auckland Blues CREDIT: The PR Shop

WRC Champ steps on the gas at the Brother Cup launch

Friday 22 June 2012, 1:09PM
By The PR Shop


International rally drivers, including WRC champion Sebastien Loeb, Hayden Paddon, Richard Mason and a female contingent including Ramona Karlsson and Emma Gilmour honed their already impressive driving skills at the launch of the Brother Cup – a people’s rally experience in virtual rally car simulators.

Along with the pros, media and celebrities (including the Auckland Blues) gathered together at the Viaduct Events Centre for the launch. The event marked the start of Brother Rally New Zealand, round seven of the World Rally Championship (22-24 June).

The pros set the pace and dominated the leader board early on setting some super-fast times.  Now the challenge is on for rally fans to put their pedal to the metal and beat Loeb, Paddon, Karlsson and more!

Engines will be revving all weekend long in the dual simulators that replicate the rally driver and co-driver experience, and will include the use of authentic pace notes for the selected co-driver. The Brother Cup is a New Zealand-first for these simulators by using a rally stage and co-driver element.

The grand prize for the winning team will be stepping up to receive The Brother Cup on the official winners’ podium at the closing ceremony of the WRC, plus a two-day course with the country’s best rally driving tutors, Rally Drive New Zealand.

Whether you’re planning to watch the rally stages, or are simply a car enthusiast, make sure you come to the Viaduct Events Centre and take part. The Brother Cup may even find New Zealand’s next rally driving star!

“The Brother Cup has really got off to a great start, it was great to see the rally legends in our simulator hot seats! I’m pleased to see the ladies gave the gents a run for their money! As we’re co-driving rally in New Zealand, we’re delighted to be able to offer stimulating and technology-focused activites for those rally fans out there who are looking to get the most out of their rally experience. We’re expecting a large turnout for the rest of weekend,” says Matt Stroud, COO International (NZ) Limited.

For more information check out
‘Like’ The Brother Cup Facebook page - this will have updates on the people’s leader board.

Brother – co-driving Rally in New Zealand.

The Brother Cup opening times:

  • Fri 22 June: 10am – 8.30 pm                                     
  • Sat 23 June: 10am – 8.30 pm
  • Sun 24 June: 10am – 12.00 pm.   (Brother Cup final to be held at 2.00 pm.  Prize presentation on winners’ podium at 3pm).


International rally driver leader board (as at 8pm 21 June):
1.        Matt Summerfield (Subaru) - 1.12.836
2.        Hayden Paddon (Skoda) – 1.15.713
3.        Tony Green (Subaru) – 1.16.701
4.        Sloan Cox (Mitsubishi) – 1.16.939
5.        Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) - 1.17.010
6.        Ramona Karlsson (Mitsubishi) - 1.17.842
7.        Clinton Cunningham (Mitsubishi) - 1.21.939
8.        Thomas Thexton (Subaru) - 1.22.991
9.        Richard Mason (Subaru) - 1.23.364
10.    Chris West (Mitsubishi) - 1.23.953

Media and celebrity leader board (as at 8pm 21 June):
1.        Sam Collins (More FM) - 1.16.986
2.        Rich Henry (Get Frank) - 1.18.837
3.        Mike Matheson (Volt TV) - 1.20.951
4.        Tumehe Rongonui (FOUR Live) - 1.22.617
5.        Stephen McIvor (SKY Sport) - 1.24.359
6.        Kenneth Tuaiti (New Zealand Herald) - 1.25.275
7.        Johnny B (Get Frank) - 1.35.420
8.        Dan Pryor (Auckland Blues) - 1.37.408
9.        Charlie Faumuina (Auckland Blues) - 1.38.830
10.    Dan Bernstone (More FM) - 1.39.359