SFO bossman Adam Feely SFO bossman Adam Feely CREDIT: Google Pic

Sloppy SFO S.N.A.F.U

Monday 2 July 2012, 12:49AM
By John Creser


The New Zealand Serious Fraud Office was seriously embarrassed today after the following error was discovered in the history section of their website promoting the SFO's success in investigating white collar crimes including-

•Former Auditor General and ACC boss, Jeff Chapman, who was convicted of 10 charges of fraudulently using documents.
•Chapman’s successor at ACC, Gavin Brady, was also convicted in relation to $1.4M fraud on the corporation.

Not only was Jeff Chapman's successor at the Accident Compensation Corporation actually Gavin Robins , but the case against Mr Robins and his brother did not succeed.

In 1998, The Serious Fraud Office brought the charges against Gavin and Anthony Robins after the ACC board discovered irregularities in financial transactions. The SFO had alleged Mr Robins had authorised payment for over 1.4 million in unbudgeted items. Among the items bought were several Cessna planes that Mr Robins claimed were going to be used to set up an air ambulance service.