Omaha Organic Blueberries rebrand as OOB and launch playful new packaging.

Tuesday 3 July 2012, 5:16PM
By Lily & Louis

In just 11 years, New Zealand’s Omaha Organic Blueberries has evolved from a boutique blueberry grower to an international blueberry and ice cream brand.

With a continually expanding product range, and a turnover that has doubled in the last few months alone, founders Robert and Shannon Auton knew it was time to redesign their company’s brand identity.

“We wanted a new name and look that reflected our values of down-to-earth honesty and flavour-packed certified organic goodness,” says OOB Managing Director Robert Auton. “At the same time, ice cream is a fun, indulgent treat, so we needed to convey a real sense of playfulness and enjoyment.”

The result is OOB, a bright, quirky, engaging name with new packaging to match. The award-winning design company, Special, created the brand identity.

“We talk about the virtues of simplicity in design - and the proof of this is in these particular puddings,” says Heath Lowe, Special Group Design Director. “The colours are pure and bold, the language is humorous and the design stands out unlike anything else on the shelf.”

Keep an eye out for OOB fresh andfrozen blueberries, family-sized ice cream tubs and the cute single serve multi-packs.  The new packaging will be rolling out to supermarkets and specialty foodstores, cafes and restaurantsover the next few months.