Putting business on the Table

Wednesday 4 July 2012, 2:25PM
By Unitec Institute of Technology


Tēpu – Innovative Business Support, a joint venture between Unitec and Rosebank Business Association (RBA), was officially launched today.

Tēpu, which in Te Reo means “the table”, will work with local business on projects that encourage innovation, build capacity and enhance competitiveness.  They will also provide a range of business advisory services such as business mentoring and coaching, strategic and business planning, tailored training and research.

The Rosebank Business Precinct has around 480 businesses employing more than 7,000 staff. Rosebank Commercial and Industrial Zones have been identified as a site for significant growth, with employment predictions suggesting that by 2030 there will be more than 20,000 jobs in the area.

“It is crucial during this time of growth that we are able to share expertise and resources with qualified and committed partners,” says RBA CEO Mike Gibson. “This joint venture offers us an opportunity to promote the area as an attractive business environment and build capacity.”

The work of Tēpu – Innovative Business Support will provide excellent opportunities for local business to use the expertise and research capabilities of Unitec to address their business needs, and for Unitec students to gain real-life work experience.

“Unitec wants to align our programmes with the needs of local industry and our community. We are also committed to providing an immersive learning environment for our students,” says Unitec CEO Dr Rick Ede. “So having a joint venture such as this allows us to achieve both these objectives. We can support the local community while helping our students become work-ready graduates.”

The development of the name and brand for the new joint venture highlights this. Looking for something different, Unitec design students were tasked with coming up with the name and brand concept. The result, Tēpu – Innovative Business Support, provided them with a real work experience including developing creative concepts, time management and presenting to clients.

RBA has a diverse range of businesses from plumbing and gas-fitting companies to restaurants and software development companies. Says Dr Ede, “Unitec is part of the Rosebank community. By working together we can create an innovative and effective business nucleus.”