Lifejackets keep water safety education afloat Lifejackets keep water safety education afloat CREDIT: WaterSafe Auckland

Lifejackets keep water safety education afloat

Wednesday 4 July 2012, 3:22PM
By WaterSafe Auckland


Knowing how and when to wear a lifejacket is critical in learning to be safer around water, and thanks to the generous donation of a large quantity of lifejackets to WaterSafe Auckland (WAI) more Aucklanders will get the opportunity to do just that.

“This donation by RFD New Zealand Ltd (Survitec Group) is a big plus for drowning prevention among our communities, especially those who have highlighted the need for education around lifejackets,” says WAI CEO Sandy Harrop, “many thanks to RFD for their continued commitment to water safety.”

This provides us with the opportunity to offer lifejackets to community groups, for whom water safety is a real need, and schools to assist them in meeting the aquatic education needs for both their students and the New Zealand Curriculum, Sandy says.

In light of recent drownings no one could question the need for more education around lifejackets, they are a valuable and essential piece of safety equipment.

Not only do they provide flotation but by allowing the wearer to remain still, help conserve energy and delay the onset of hypothermia.

“We are extremely committed to safety,” says Joanne McMahon, Managing Director, RFD New Zealand Ltd, “the message is just not getting through to some of our communities, so we are only too happy to do our bit.”

The first beneficiary of the donation has been the Great Barrier Island community, in whose lives water plays a big role.

“Located where they are it has been impossible for the Island’s schools and community groups to access our Lifejacket Loan Scheme,” says Sandy, “but now they have 25 lifejackets at their disposal for their water safety education programmes.”  

WAI looks forward to working with other Local Boards and community initiatives where the benefits of this most generous donation can be maximised.


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WaterSafe Auckland 
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Photos available on request:
1. Donated lifejackets
2. Presentation to Great Barrier Island Local Board

WaterSafe Auckland is the acknowledged lead agency for water safety coordination and education in the Auckland region. As one of the four service delivery amenities under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008, WaterSafe Auckland is mandated by the ratepayers of Auckland to deliver water safety education to meet the needs of those living in and visiting the region.