Severe flooding around Westport

Sunday 15 July 2012, 3:10PM
By New Zealand Police



The west coast township of Westport is currently closed to all traffic in and out of the town due to severe flooding on State Highway 67 from Westport to Greymouth, State Highway 6 from Westport to Inangahua, and on State Highway 67 from Westport to Karamea.

The Buller River is close to breaching its banks on the Westport side and there is concern that continued rain may lead to significant flooding in and around the township. The tide has just turned and is on the way out.

Police are urging Westport residents to stay at home and to refrain from sightseeing or unnecessary travel around the township, particularly in or around the breakwaters at the Buller river mouth, as flooding in that area has made it quite dangerous.

Police are only aware of one resident having been evacuated - between Carters Beach and Westport (west of Westport).

Residents should contact the emergency services if they need assistance, and can remain updated on developments by listening to news bulletins and information on local council/roading network websites.