New editorial role for migration expert

Monday 23 July 2012, 12:05PM
By Victoria University

Victoria University’s Dr Alan Gamlen has been appointed as the founding Editor-in-Chief of a new journal from Oxford University Press.

Dr Gamlen, a Lecturer in the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, is a specialist in the study of migration with a particular interest in global diasporas, and will head the new publication Migration Studies which launches in 2013.

Dr Gamlen says, "It has been exciting working with Oxford University Press to establish this journal. We are lucky to have an engaged Board of around 50 senior migration scholars and policy makers representing 20 countries across all the main world regions."

"The launch of Migration Studies is an exciting development for migration scholars around the world, and I am delighted to be involved in this way. I hope we can get migration scholars from Victoria and around New Zealand actively involved. There has always been, and continues to be, a huge amount of excellent migration research going on here."

It is expected that the new journal will play a large role in the development of the study of human migration into its own branch of scholarship, and help people better understand a social issue that affects large numbers of people globally.

Dr Gamlen is keen for researchers in New Zealand to submit papers for the new publication. Papers will be reviewed by an international team of scholars, comprising leading migration scholars in Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Forced Migration Studies, Geography, History, Psychology, Political Science, International Relations, and Sociology.

As well as being available in a traditional, paid-for print subscription, Migration Studies will be free online for two years.

For more information about the journal, email Dr Alan Gamlen or phone (04) 463 6117, or visit the website