V Motion Project explodes internationally and hits number two on the Official NZ Music chart

Thursday 26 July 2012, 1:33PM
By BEAT Communications

Off the back of an epic release that has taken NZ by storm, V is excited to announce that its Motion Project has ‘officially’ exploded beyond expectations.  Not only has the track, Can’t Help Myself, hit number two on the Official NZ Music Chart, it has also received accolades from a raft of international media  including The Huffington Post, Wired and many others.

After a week in the top five, the track skyrocketed to number two this week thanks to fans downloading it via the V website, iTunes and Spotify. Furthermore, it has received global attention from The Huffington Post who described the project as a “virtual reality explosion”, culture and technology blog Pelenga, and The Daily What who referred to it as “a prototype for Skrillex’s inevitable 2017 Super Bowl half-time show.”

This is the first time a music track has been created using a ground-breaking piece of technology – the fusion of Kinect and Ableton music-making software. The team behind the project was assembled by V and included producer Joel Little (of Goodnight Nurse and Kids of 88 fame), Motion Artist, Josh Cesan, a group of tech experts and the V team.

“We are absolutely stoked! At the beginning of this project, we would never have dreamed the track would make the charts, or create this much buzz. It’s awesome,” says producer, Joel Little.

Can’t Help Myself mixes dub-step, techno, and a host of other genres together, featuring samples from Brandon Black (The Wyld), Burundi drummers and guitarists– there’s even a full marching band in there! And with over 760,000 views of the V Motion project content across YouTube and Vimeo, it’s no wonder the track has made it to number 2 on the charts.

The V Motion Project has become a true multimedia collaboration between experts across a variety of fields and has organically grown with the help of V Facebook fans and social media sharing.

To download the track, or see the project in action, visit