New funny app pokes fun at the aussies

Sunday 29 July 2012, 8:05PM
By Chris Brown

There are literally hundreds of thousands game apps available on the iTunes and Google Play stores today.  Many software companies are looking for an edge, something different or something with enough interest to go viral.

Adland Apps, a New Zealand software company Adland Apps is no exception.

Their new App Drop bear is available on the iTunes store and Google play and is a tongue and cheek shot at the Aussies across the ditch. 

In the game there are characters or victims as they call them.  They have not given the characters names however they look surprising like Julia Gillard the Australian Prime Minister and the opposition leader Tony Abbot.

A drop bear is a fictitious Australian marsupial similar but larger than the Koala which drops from trees attacking their victims.  After you select your victim or dare I say politician, the object is to stay alive as long as possible. 

There are multiple power-ups available including speed and invincibility.  You can check out the overview of the game by watching the video

The apps are available on the links below

iPhone/iPod Touch

iPad version


It’s a fun game with great graphics and sound effects.  The background bird and kookaburra ambience really makes the game shine.

A bit of fun and definitely worth the download and is

Search for Adland Apps or Drop Bear or check out the developer website