People power beats Transpower

Tuesday 14 August 2012, 5:20PM
By Federated Farmers of New Zealand

The fight against Transpower’s proposed transmission buffer zone rules has paid off.

“We are very pleased at the outcome of the Commissioner’s report,” says Steve Bailey, Federated Farmers Te Puke branch chairperson.

“It demonstrates how we can achieve sensible outcomes if we stand up and speak out against something that is wrong. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed this time around.

“I would like to see other district councils consider the Commissioner’s report if they are thinking of including similar proposals in their district plans. This type of decision ought to be rolled out across the grid as it takes into consideration, not only landowners concerns, but Transpower’s as well.

“The outcome avoids a whole lot of duplication and unnecessary regulation and costs. It also takes away an unnecessary burden on councils, whose work load in this case would double.

“This Commissioner’s decision speaks volumes having considered all the reviews and submissions; the outcome is a fair and balanced one. It takes into account Transpower’s concerns and assists them in achieving their safety objectives by including a reminder in the district plan that the existing Code of Practice applies.

“The key message to farmers and landowners here is that you have to submit if you want to be heard. Unless you speak up someone else will be writing your future.

“Maybe now is a good time to be addressing compensation for landowners who have been impacted by Transpower structures.

“For now, we are just happy that we can get on with the business of farming and Transpower can get on with the business of delivering electricity.” Mr Bailey concluded.