Software will help keep cities moving

Tuesday 21 August 2012, 5:03PM

By Greentree International


A company that specialises in resolving tricky transport problems is one of the latest businesses making the move to Greentree.

Without the efforts of Resolve Group, Auckland’s roads would be much more congested – not to mention more dangerous.

Take the Harbour Bridge. The replacement moveable lane barrier, implemented by Resolve Group, eliminated head-on collisions, which prior to its original installation in 1990 had claimed between two and five lives every year.

When major transport projects strike problems, the first call often goes to Resolve Group. This Auckland-based company’s highly experienced engineers relish the challenge of finding innovative solutions to complex issues. Resolve has also been involved with the ramp metering systems at motorway onramps, safety compliance for the Victoria Park and Johnston’s Hill tunnels, and improvements to Wellington’s Northern Corridor, among other projects.

Such work is highly detailed, requiring meticulous job costing, reporting and analysis. Projects can also stretch over months and even years, and Resolve’s old current accounting system couldn’t analyse all the data involved without significant workarounds, and the manual processing of spreadsheets. These traffic experts were stuck in their own bottleneck, and they turned to Greentree to sort it out.

Real-time job costing

“It’s tedious and unnecessary in an age where you have software programs that can import stuff directly from other electronic inputs, like timesheets,” says Business Manager Philippa Walker. “Our project managers can’t currently get real-time information on the costs of their projects, but Greentree and new processes will change all that.”

Resolve Group, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, is currently involved in a very big project with numerous associated sub-projects, and Greentree’s Job Costing will be crucial for reporting on different levels of the project. The company is also “looking forward immensely” to the convenience of eTimesheets.

“We expect that Greentree will be just amazing for sorting out our own congestion problems,” Philippa says.