Did the police have orders to charge as many as possible in the recent 'terror' raids?

Thursday 15 November 2007, 10:31AM
By J. James

Could the New Zealand police have been under the directions to charge as many people as possible to test the New Zealand 'terrorism' laws' - in an unrelated report from Australia a Senior counter-terrorisms officer giving testimony in a pre trial hearing in October has admitted that police had been directed to charge as many suspects as possible .

'Charge as many as possible' 13 Nov 2007
A senior counter-terrorism officer with the Australian Federal Police [Kemuel Lam Paktsun] has testified that police were directed to charge "as many suspects as possible" with terrorism offences in order to test the new anti-terrorism laws introduced in 2003. ....."At the time we were directed, we were informed, to lay as many charges under the new terrorist legislation against as many suspects as possible because we wanted to use the new legislation," Mr Lam Paktsun testified ........Yesterday's verdict and the admission by Federal Agent Lampaktsun that the police were under pressure to mount terrorism prosecutions raises disturbing questions about the lengths Australian authorities have been prepared to go to obtain convictions in a highly politicised "war on terror".

We know for instance, thanks to Moana Jacksons - A primer on Operation Eight - further developments

“that since the attacks of 9/11 the Security Intelligence Service and the Police have requested and been given huge increases in budget and staff to monitor and investigate terrorism or potential threats to security in New Zealand….For example the Police established a unit called the Special Tactics Group specialising in the military control of potential terrorist threats and set up terrorist liaison positions in Washington and London to share intelligence and internationalize the strategy.”

In a world that has become radically changed by the events unfolding since September 11th, world citizens have become alarmed at the increasing loss of freedoms being eroded under universal terrorism laws mandated to each country by the US. The recent ‘terror’ raids are a case in point – we may never know if the above statement from the "counter-terrorism officer in Australia applied to New Zealand police because we now live in a world where such an answer would threaten ‘national security’ – this type of secrecy is a threat to all our freedoms. However many of us are left with a deep intuitive feeling that we have entered an alarming turn of events not easily dismissed.

As we watch the creeping fascism of the US, its violence in the ME and its continual threats and warmongering towards Iran – we also hear the eerie silence of world leaders, especially those in the West to another slaughter – already 2 million people are dead in two countries in an illegal invasion that, all evidence now shows was based on deliberate lies – millions more are injured and children traumatized not to mention over 4 million are displaced seeking refugee status – this is a crisis of massive proportions and the worlds governments and institutions remain quite – The New Zealand government, still sees the US – a proven mass murderer by all international standards – as a very very good friend – they are bound to it in ways the ordinary kiwi has little understanding – what this government doesn’t see however is how the recent ‘terror’ raids are part of a much bigger picture and a precursor to us loosing more of our freedoms because of a paranoid America who has every right to be fearful for its ‘national security’ after it has been stripped of its benevolent façade by the revelation of its historic murderous foreign policies.

The reaction by everyday kiwis to the so called ‘terror’ raids is – in part a result of watching the creeping fascism of the US and the eroding freedoms its citizens are experiencing – the internet is alive and well with real news from real people from first hand accounts that give us an alarming picture of state sponsored terrorism and when we see it trying to be implemented here – we get outraged

NZ politicians would be well advised to comprehend that continually ignoring the voice of the people is to erode the trust of the people and in a world facing a rapidly changing landscape, contoured by such looming crisis as global warming and peak oil it is on very shaky grounds regarding the trust and support of its citizens.

All over the world people have always known that “you can’t trust a politician” that mantra is now even more intensified with lies and obfuscation becoming common place – what happens, given the events since 9/11 and the recent alpha male macho actions by the ‘black ninja’s when citizens begin to actively distrust the words and actions of the government and the police?

The conventional views of the two main parties are becoming old – as we move into a different world facing many challenges, the old ways will no longer serve us but keep us restricted – both the Maori Party and the green party are emerging as parties that show understanding of the challenges facing us and rise to them, challenges that are – in reality – consequences of old ways that are no longer viable or sustainable given the changing landscape of global warming and resource depletion - and of couse - the full spectrum dominance the US promises to wage in its war of terror