Young kiwis prepare for a week in control of the world

Tuesday 28 August 2012, 11:35AM
By UN Youth New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand, 28 August 2012 – UN Youth New Zealand (UN Youth) is giving 75 university students from around the country the opportunity to live the life of a Security Council delegate for four days. The New Zealand Model Security Council 2012 (NZ Model SC) is UN Youth’s premier event for University students. It will be held at the University of Auckland from the 29thst of August to the 1st of September.

With only one day to go before the conference begins delegates will undoubtedly be feeling the pressure. By this stage they will have researched their committee topic; cyberwarfare, missile shields, electromagnetic weaponry, peaceful use of outer space or military robotics and begun researching and drafting their nation’s stance on the issue.

Who is responsible for the actions of an autonomous robot? How do states without missile shields protect themselves? When does a cyber-attack become cyber warfare? These are the kind of questions delegates must consider, not from their own perspective but as the country they represent. 

Each committee must then work around conflicting national interests to draft a resolution on their allocated issue which will then be either adopted or discarded at the final plenary session.

The conference offers a diverse range of perspectives and opportunities. Guest speakers include Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Rhys Jones, Hon Phil Goff and Judge David Harvey. There will also be the chance for delegates to express their own opinion on national and global issues in a video documentary.

Giving youth four days at the head of international politics will produce both heated debate and innovative solutions. A conference like NZ Model Security Council 2012 gives youth the chance to have their say on international politics as well as helping to inspire a generation of new leaders.

For further information contact:
Sylvie Admore
NZ Model SC 2012 Communications
Mobile: +64 21 266 0508

NZ Model Security Council is organised by UN Youth New Zealand, a non-profit, entirely volunteer youth-for-youth organisation dedicated towards inspiring global citizens in the spirit of the United Nations.