City's population set to exceed 85,000

Tuesday 11 September 2012, 12:21PM
By Palmerston North City Council


Palmerston North City’s population is expected to exceed 85,000, including the new boundary change areas, up from 82,100 in June 2011.

The latest births and deaths data published by Statistics New Zealand records 1,182 births in the City in the year to June 2012, almost identical to the 1,181 births recorded the previous year.

In the last year 548 deaths were recorded in Palmerston North, almost identical to the 545 deaths recorded in the year to June 2011.

This resulted in natural population growth of 634 people over the 12 month period to June 2012, which was similar to the increase of 636 people in the previous year.

National natural population growth declined in 2012 and was the lowest since 2006 due to a significant decline in the number of births over the last two years and an increase in the number of deaths.

"Natural population growth is the difference between the number of births and deaths registered in the City," Peter Crawford economic policy planner said. "Natural growth remains the main contributor to our annual population growth."

Migration data showed that in the year to June 2012 1,410 people came to reside in Palmerston North while 821 residents departed the City for Australia, 129 left for the UK and 481 left for other countries.