Council launches road advisories web page

Tuesday 11 September 2012, 8:43PM

By Waikato District Council



Motorists in the Waikato district will now be able to keep up-to-date with any issues affecting local roads thanks to a new road advisories page added to the Waikato District Council’s website.

Found at or through the popular links section on the council’s home page, all the known issues affecting roads in the district will be listed in this ‘one stop shop’ for roading information.

The page will contain information on the district’s current driving conditions which covers any cautions in place, unplanned road closures (such as those caused by slips or flooding) and planned road closures (for example sporting events).

“This should be the first stop for anybody looking to get up to date with issues that may be affecting local roads in the Waikato district,” general manager of Roading and Projects Ian Gooden said.

This page also includes the list of roads affected by slips in the heavy rains which struck the district in late July and which have yet to be fully cleared. Because of the severity of this storm, and the number of roads affected, the process of clearing all the slips is expected to take several months.

Residents without Internet access can still access information about road advisories in the district by phoning the council on 0800 492 452.