Poolburn dam prospects looking good despite poaching

Wednesday 12 September 2012, 6:10PM

By Fish and Game NZ



The new angling season is fast approaching with opening day at the Poolburn Dam being Monday 1 October 2012.  Otago Fish and Game have high expectations for a rewarding season following excellent spawning survey results in Poolburn tributaries over the winter months.

Fish and Game staff were however disappointed to receive information relating to some illegal activity in Poolburn tributaries during the spawning season. 

Unfortunately there was a significant delay in the reporting of the incident.  Fish and Game Officer Clare Morris explained, “One of the most critical factors in a successful prosecution is the timeliness of receiving information.  It is crucial that Fish and Game Staff are notified as soon as possible if non-compliance is observed or suspected, so that investigations can begin immediately.  Any delay in the reporting of illegal fishing activity significantly reduces the likelihood of a successful prosecution”.

Ms Morris also explained that an accurate and detailed description of persons and vehicles, including vehicle registration numbers is essential.  A detailed account of what was seen, as well as the time, date and place the observations are made should be written down as soon as possible.  Information recorded at the time of the incident may then be used in prosecution proceedings.

Fish and Game Staff will be present at Poolburn on Opening Day carrying out compliance checks and collecting fishery data.  Staff intend to interview as many anglers as possible and to weigh and measure catch.  Anglers are asked to keep fish in good condition and to refrain from heading and gutting on the day to assist with fish data collection. 

Fishing licences will be checked and compliance with Sports Fishery Regulations will be monitored.  Anglers are reminded that they must not be further than 15 meters from a set rod and the daily bag limit for the Poolburn Dam is a total of 3 sports fish per person per day.