Training shows power of Social and Traditional Media uniting as one

Thursday 13 September 2012, 4:06PM
By Seeking Publicity


A new training course for NFPs will show participants how to use social and traditional media as a united force to grow the visibility and reputation of their organisations.

“Both forms have so much to offer in different areas, so the key is to use them both together to complement each other,” says Director of Charity Matters, Graeme Russell.

“For example, social media is great for creating a buzz and forming relationships, but traditional media is more about growing credibility.”

Media Training NZ’s Pete Burdon agrees, saying there are many ways in which the two forms of media work hand in hand.

“Generating a story in traditional media is great for visibility and reputation, but it’s usually a one-off and is always one way communication. With social media, it’s two way and the discussion can continue.”

Charity Matters and Media Training NZ will present three two day workshops in October for NFPs. They will take place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Participants will be shown how to use both forms of media to their best advantage and how to use them in tandem.

“Using only social or only traditional media is a bit like having curry without the rice. It’s still a tasty meal, but nowhere near as nice as having both together,” Mr Russell concludes.

To find out more information or to register interest in the training, go to

Graeme Russell 021 216 5980  Pete Burdon 029 200 8555