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Winter Is Over and It Is Time to Get Fit with Number One Fitness

Monday 17 September 2012, 2:09PM
By A+ SEO Auckland, NZ


There are no more excuses not to exercise, winter is over! It is time to rip yourself off the couch and out of your snuggie in preparation for another beautiful New Zealand summer. Spring is the time for change, and change is cheaper and easier to make with the help of Number One Fitness’ spring sale.

Number One Fitness is New Zealand’s leading discount fitness equipment mega store and they have a huge range of fitness gear designed to get you up and active. Treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, rowing machines, weights, boxing gear, and much more is available for your quick and easy purchase online. Even better still, Number One Fitness is helping you to spring into gear with an amazing sale. Fitness has never been this affordable. Treadmills that were $995 are now $495, ab-crunchers that were $179 are now $99, and cross trainers that were $599 are now just $275!

We all know that fitness is about more than just looking great, it is about feeling great too. Why not get yourself both looking and feeling amazing in your own home at a discount price? The Number One Fitness spring sale ends September 16th but in the meantime there are some awesome deals. Shipping is inexpensive and comes right to your door so you have no excuse not to get training. Shipping is usually dispatched the next working day too, so you can get active quickly.

For more relaxed and fun exercise equipment suitable for the whole family, Number One Fitness has a wide range of bikes and trampolines. Yoga equipment, swiss balls, and exercise DVDs are also available for the benefit of your health.

Spring is the time for improvements, and we do not just mean to the house. Number One Fitness has a comprehensive range of exercise equipment, easily sorted by category and price so you can find exactly the right gear quickly and easily. They even guarantee their prices, so you can be sure you are getting top quality equipment at bargain prices. Financing is also available, so you can invest in your body now, while making small repayments on a weekly basis. If however, for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, Number One Fitness offer a 10 day money back guarantee.

Number One Fitness stock a wide range of top brands, including Motive, Marcy, Olympus, Iron power, Maxx, and much more. Their stock is stored in warehouses located in Auckland and Christchurch, and is only available online, so you do not incur the extra costs involved with displaying and selling products in a store. This does not mean however, that they scrimp on customer service. Number One Fitness representatives are available to help you, when you need them, both at or by free calling 0800 222 190.



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