Guinness Pint Master logo Guinness Pint Master logo CREDIT: The PR Shop
Who will reign when it pours? Who will reign when it pours? CREDIT: The PR Shop

Who will reign when it pours?

Monday 24 September 2012, 1:25PM
By The PR Shop

Guinness is more than just a beer.  It’s an experience.  And the Guinness Pint Master competition endeavours to find the bar and staff who offer the best Guinness experience in the country.

The two-part pour, the famous surge, and the friendliness in which it is served are all elements intrinsically associated with Guinness.  We ask you, the drinker, to help find the finalists by scoring them on the quality of your pint experience.

Appropriately, the search for New Zealand’s Pint Master launches on 28 September – “Arthur’s Day” – a huge global celebration that recognises the founder of the world’s most famous stout, Arthur Guinness.

Visit any of the 180 participating pubs across New Zealand from 28 September and order a pint of Guinness. Score the quality of your Guinness experience on the card provided to you by the bar staff, then text or post in your entry.

The finalists, as decided by you, will compete for one of four regional titles, with those winners then vying for the New Zealand Pint Master title in December 2012.

Each time you enjoy a pint of Guinness, your vote for the pub and barperson puts you into the draw to win “The Great New Zealand Guinness Experience”.

The winner of “The Great New Zealand Guinness Experience” and a friend will travel the length of the country to enjoy a pint at each of the regional finalist’s Guinness bars, culminating in another Perfect Pint with the national Pint Master champion.  Along the way they will have their choice of the best experiences each region has to offer.

Hayden Abercrombie, Brand Manager for Guinness, says it’s extremely important to highlight the skills involved in pouring a pint to ensure New Zealanders are getting the best quality Guinness, and therefore the best experience.

“A bad pour can affect not only the taste, but the whole drinking experience – we believe New Zealanders deserve to enjoy the great taste of Guinness that comes with a well-poured pint. The Pint Master competition encourages bartenders to strive for perfection and consumers to recognise the unique skill involved in pouring a pint of Guinness.  This is the fourth year of the Pint Master competition and is unique to New Zealand. In the past we received over 14,000 votes from devoted Kiwi Guinness drinkers.”

Finalists will be selected after entries close on 31 October.  Regional rounds will take place in pubs nationwide in November, with the national final in Auckland early December 6th.

A leaderboard will be updated live on the Guinness New Zealand facebook page as scores are sent in, so you can see how your favourite pub and barperson is doing in the competition.

Visit your local pub and help them achieve the recognition they deserve!

What are you looking for in the ‘Perfect Pint’?

The Glass

  • The perfect pint starts with a perfectly clean glass

The Pour

  • With the glass on an angle of 45° allow the Guinness to cascade down the glass.  Slowly straighten the glass with a continuous pour until ¾ full.

The Surge

  • Allow the surge to fully settle before completing the pour

The Finish

  • The pour is completed with a smooth creamy head forming above the rim of the glass

The Moment

  • Pint presented without spillage and with the Guinness logo proudly displayed to the front

Check the Guinness New Zealand facebook page for terms & conditions and more information: