National Social Worker's Day celebrated

Wednesday 26 September 2012, 12:44PM
By Paula Bennett

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is visiting social workers today as part of National Social Worker’s Day.

“Every day around 1,300 Child, Youth and Family social workers head out the door to work with this country’s most vulnerable children and their families and they literally save lives,” says Mrs Bennett.

CYF social workers deal with more than 400 notifications of abuse and neglect every day in New Zealand.

“Social workers support families who are struggling and bring families and others together to do what’s needed to keep children safe and well cared for.”

The Government announced funding to increase the number of frontline social workers by 96 last year and around half that number, are now at work.

“We also announced an extra 149 full-time social workers in schools and as they come on board across the country they’re making a real difference.”

“Social workers often bear the brunt of criticism when things go wrong, but the fact is they do the job because they care and every day they do the best they can to protect children,” says Mrs Bennett.

Minister Bennett will present Shining Star awards to CYF and Community social workers in Wellington today.

These awards recognise those who go above and beyond in their work.