Feasibility Study For Heated Swimming Pool And Fitness Centre Underway

Friday 28 September 2012, 2:35PM

By Far North District Council



An indoor, heated, public swimming pool proposed for Kerikeri could also include a fitness centre.

A Mid-North Aquatic & Fitness Facility Committee formed by members of the community in April has developed a vision for a proposed heated pool.

An investigation of pool options will now look at an aquatic facility and a fitness centre.

“There is now an aspiration to design and build an aquatic and fitness facility, which is sustainable, accessible and appealing,” says committee spokesperson Marion Maxwell.

“This facility will assist with improving water safety for our children and provide fitness and leisure opportunities.”

The Far North District Council is funding a feasibility study to determine what type of facility the community would like, what options there are to satisfy this and the likely cost.

The committee has established sub-committees to investigate elements that will inform the feasibility study.

Sub-committee members are gathering data and will consult with schools, sports groups and the wider community in coming months about what sort of facility would best meet their needs.

Meanwhile, Kerikeri New World has launched a campaign to raise funds for an indoor heated pool.

The supermarket will donate five cents to a pool fund for every reusable bag (of any type) a customer provides for their shopping to be packed in.

New World estimates this initiative could raise $150 a week towards the project if it is well-supported.

The committee urges people who want a heated, indoor swimming pool in Kerikeri to shop at Kerikeri New World and to bring reusable bags each time they visit the store.

Email Marion Maxwell at  for more information.