Far North To Host Motor Rally – Road Closure Information

Tuesday 2 October 2012, 2:38PM
By Far North District Council


Seventeen back roads in the Far North will be closed to ordinary vehicle traffic for periods during the Rally of the North 2012 on Saturday October 13.

The eight-stage, 180km rally will start near Towai at 6:35 am and finish near Puketi Forest at 7:40pm.

The Far North District Council will close the following roads to all motor vehicles not taking part in the rally (with the exception of emergency vehicles) at the following times:

  • 06:35am - 10:40am: Marlow Road (near Towai). Stage one of the rally will start about 3km north of Riponui Road and end at Towai Road.
  • 07:40am - 11:45 am: Callaghan Road, Horahora Road, Tipene Road and Matawaia-Maromaku Road (from Tipene Road to Orakau Road). Stage two of the rally will start at the Towai Road end of Callaghan Road and end at Orakau Road.
  • 08:20am - 12:25pm: Orakau Road (near Matawaia). Stage three of the rally will start at the Matawaia-Maromaku Road end of Orakau Road and end at Mangakahia Road.
  • 09:20am - 13:20pm: Waimatenui Road (from the Far North/Whangarei District boundary to Kaikohe Road), Kaikohe Road (from Waimatenui Road to the junction of Parker and Waimatenui-Mataraua Roads) and Waimatenui-Mataraua Road (from Kaikohe and Parker Roads to the southern end of the sealed section of Mataraua Road).
  • 12:25pm - 16:30pm: Pungaere Road (from Glendale Heights Road to Waiare Road) and Waiare Road (from Pungaere Road to the start of the sealed section near Upokorau Road).
  • 13:10pm - 17:10pm: Weber-Waihapa Road (from Weber Road to the junction of Otangaroa and Frear Roads), Otangaroa Road (from Weber-Waihapa Road and Frear Road to Iwitaua Road) and Iwitaua Road (from Otangaroa Road to SH1).
  • 14:20pm - 18:25pm: Paponga Road (from Broadwood Road to Rakautapu Road) and Rakautapu Road (from Paponga Road to the cemetery near house number 95).
  • 15:40pm - 19:40pm: Puketi Road (from SH1 to the junction of Waiare and Puketotara Roads).


The council will also close the first 100 metres of each road adjoining closed roads for stage security reasons.