Business will be booming with an ecommerce SEO website from Eazyshop

Wednesday 3 October 2012, 5:30PM
By A+ SEO Auckland, NZ


Online trade is thriving for businesses in the know. Online sales are growing at an average rate of ten percent annually and web-sales are expected to account for fifty percent of all retail sales by 2014. Businesses wanting to ensure their market share need to SEO their trade for online sales. An online presence is no longer enough, customers expect business websites to be flawless, intuitive, and full-service. This is why more New Zealand businesses are choosing Eazyshop to create their fully search engine optimisation ecommerce website.

The competitive nature of online sales means nothing less than perfection will make the cut. If your current website is not increasing sales or drawing customers in, it is time to make a change. Eazyshop offer a comprehensive website auditing service designed to identify areas of improvement. Do not wait until another business has taken your customers. Eazyshop can review your website’s functionality, browser compatibility, usability, accessibility, and search engine optimisation so that sales can quickly be improved. Even better still, Eazyshop’s website auditing service is completely free.

An ecommerce SEO  website is vital for generating high volume sales. If your current website is not meeting the expectations of your customers or if you have yet to create a website at all, it is time to call on Eazyshop. Eazyshop have years of experience developing and designing specialized websites that generate big results. Where other web design companies focus just on looks, Eazyshop offer an all-inclusive service including web-development, design, content writing, consulting, and search engine optimisation. Whether your business is big, small, or non-profit, you stand to gain a great deal from creating an ecommerce optimized website.

Eazyshop are well-versed in business service systems. Reverse auction website designs, daily deal websites, sponsorship setups, and online credit card acceptance services can all be designed quickly and effectively to meet your business’s needs.

A well-designed website can act as the perfect base for future sales generation. Successful online marketing campaigns require an ecommerce focused website to direct customers to. Features on a daily deal website, email marketing campaigns, and online advertisements are just some of the extra services on offer at Eazyshop.

Your website is vital to the ultimate success of your business, it therefore important to only trust the most well-trained and experienced professionals. The team at Eazyshop has proven themselves over and over again. Eazyshop’s extensive portfolio includes some well-known and successful clients including; Kingpin, JoannaG, Dealmate, Pizzeria Napoli, Redwolf, and many more. Now, you too can reap the rewards of Eazyshop’s ecommerce website design services.

To find out more about how an ecommerce website design and search engine optimisation can help your business succeed, contact Eazyshop today. Eazyshop can be reached via their contact page at, by free calling 0508 4 WEB DESIGN, or by emailing support directly at


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