Non-primary exports' fall restricts job growth

Wednesday 17 October 2012, 5:32PM
By Labour Party

New analysis shows that non-primary manufacturing exports are in serious decline, creating real concerns that opportunities for non-primary export companies and high-wage jobs are deteriorating, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“Official figures show that manufacturing export earnings outside the primary sector have declined by 14 per cent and ten per cent in what Statistics New Zealand call the moderately and elaborately manufactured sectors in the past four years.

“Of course when the exchange rates change for primary exports a similar quantity of milk and meat still has to be processed which is why manufacturing of primary products holds up.

“It is jobs in the non-primary manufacturers which are hardest hit.

“We need modern manufacturing companies using technology and machinery to create good products that sell for high prices overseas. Those companies will create better jobs and higher wages.