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Wednesday 24 October 2012, 12:11PM
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Finding the right school for your child can be a real challenge. If you are looking for an educational institute that values the holistic development of your child, why not consider Hebron Christian College? Hebron Christian College provides students not only with an academically successful work environment, but also with moral awareness, and spiritual development instruction. Hebron Christian College focuses on the “whole child” and supports spiritual, artistic, and academic growth for your child’s ultimate success, happiness, and wellbeing.

Based on Auckland Schools’ NCEA scores, Hebron rates as one of the top ten schools in the region. Last year a massive forty five percent of Hebron Christian College’s Year Eleven students gained over fifty excellence credits, the top awarded grade in NCEA. Year after year the school’s students gain amazing results in NCEA, with their 2011 results demonstrating their remarkable success in academia.

Hebron Christian College values excellence in all aspects of student’s lives. A biblically-based education allows Hebron to inspire students with their Christ-centered development teaching. It is Hebron Christian College’s vision to work towards holistic child development through integrity, community, respect, discipline, excellence, innovation, inquiry, curiosity, and stewardship. Hebron recognizes that schools should develop the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of your child to ensure their ultimate success in all areas of life.

Hebron Christian College is more than just a school, it is a community. Hebron’s unique pastoral approach means students are provided with a safe, peaceful, and fun environment for learning and playing. Class sizes at Hebron Christian College range between nineteen and twenty four students, so every child is ensured the attention and bonding time they need. Parents are also actively encouraged to participate. Hebron’s principal operates on an open door policy, so parents always have the chance to be heard.  Weekly newsletters, biannual parent-teacher meetings, and a comprehensive Family Information Booklet also ensures that parents are always involved and informed about their child’s school life.

As well as Hebron’s academic success, yearly activities and community events have made Hebron a well-known and highly-esteemed Christian College. The school gala is always a big hit with the students and the local community. Musicals, service weekends, and many other unique activities are taking place every term. Hebron Christian College was even recently featured in The New Zealand Herald for the rediscovery of a geologically significant lava cave, on their very own playing field!

The ultimate goal of Hebron Christian College is to inspire and teach students effective leadership and service. Hebron Christian College hopes to assist parents by providing their children with a biblical education which reinforces spiritual, artistic, and academic excellence for a holistic approach to learning.

Hebron Christian College is a registered private, co-educational Christian school enrolling students from new entrant all the way to year thirteen. To find out more about Hebron Christian College, to start your child’s enrolment today, or to book a personal tour of the school, you can visit, phone (09) 846 2159, or email


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